Developing the Centre of Excellence as a platform to nurture the science and art of happiness through scientific perspectives across research, academic program, practice and outreach.


The mission of the Centre is to facilitate a transformative journey by (a) developing insights into the self and awareness for (and also about) the others; (b) harnessing a sustained positivity for all and adaptability to stressful experience; (c) imbibing between-ness with compassion, interpersonal skill and within-ness with passion, wisdom; and (d) enabling and evolving all with a sense of gratitude, contentment and satisfaction.

Happiness: As we understand it

  • It’s a medium through which we develop insight, awareness & wisdom than only calmness, comfort or peace
  • It’s a medium through which we understand ‘self’, ‘others’ and garner strength to evolve with sustained relationship
  • It’s a process and not simply a target to achieve

Our focus at the Centre

  • To develop the ‘science of happiness’ that broadens our intellectual, social and emotional resources
  • To attempt to use ‘happiness’ as a driver of innovation & as a social quality for community growth and connection with nature
  • To provide a direction to bring power to the new generation to fight poverty, help sustain health and strength to the weak
  • To help evolve this science with a trans-disciplinary approach and a deliverable outcome


An Integrated Team

The centre is a platform for convergence of multiple disciplines and stake-holders who work together holistically for teaching, research as well as outreach.


The Centre focusses, housed in the midst of technology concentrates on academic programs, research, training, community-centred outreach and technology driven integration and dissemination.