Projects: Vulnerability to Viability (V2V): Global Partnership for Building Strong Small-Scale Fisheries Communities

The goals of the V2V Global Partnership are to: (1) critically examine diverse factors and conditions contributing to the 'vulnerability' of small-scale fisheries (SSF) and (2) engage collaboratively with SSF communities and other key partners (e.g., NGOs, governments, universities) to enhance SSF viability. 95 members of V2V represent 31 universities, 15 government institutions, and 21 NGOs from 22 countries. The extensive involvement of country-level, academic, NGO and government research teams signals an unparalleled level of commitment to the V2V activities, deliverables and outcomes. The Rekhi Centre, IIT Kharagpur is the nodal institution to execute the project at the regional (India) level coordinating with statist and non-statist institutions and steering action plan.