Science of Happiness and Well-being: RX60012

This flagship course of the Centre provides a general overview of the discipline addressing a wide range of areas. It attempts to make students aware of why happiness is so important in life; to make them realize that it can be studied scientifically; to understand and get a feel of the practices that can make one happy; to complete the course with a basic training on how to improve one’s quality of life. It starts by attempting to understand the meaning of happiness and by exploring its psychology and physiology – to understand what science has to tell about its impact on our body and mind. Next, it looks at the various ingredients that come together to make one happy – again with reference to scientific evidences. Having established the relevance and scientific validity of happiness and its components, next it will attempt to give students a first-hand experience of the practice of different components of happiness. This is done with the accompaniment of scientific measures. One looks within first, to understand oneself, and then understand how relationships and associated emotions are keys to happiness. The course ends with self-reflection and feedback to make the course more meaningful. Short projects are undertaken under the course as a part of the course requirement.

Contact person: Sangeeta Das Bhattacharya and Priyadarshi Patnaik