Ecology, Resilience and Well-being (forthcoming): RX60015

The 'Anthropocene' is upon us and humanity is rapidly transgressing a set of planetary boundaries including climate change. The understanding that there's a strong correlation between degrading environments and declining happiness is becoming prominent in recent times. Short term and hedonic approach to life and development based on material accomplishments provoke us to reconfigure and re-conceptualize complex interactions between human wellbeing and ecological resilience. Innovative combinations of social and ecological theories are required to deal with complexities and change in the social-ecological systems (SES). Within this context, the course aims to cover fundamental concepts and methodologies within emerging happiness and wellbeing (HWB) studies and environmental (social science) researches and explore innovative mechanisms through which these can be compiled and converged towards ecological resilience and community wellbeing. After being exposed to theoretical frameworks and learning a wide array of methods and methodologies along with numerous empirical case studies across South Asia (and beyond), the students in this course will be encouraged to finally come up with a socio-ecological resilience matrix that can then be applied in individual and collective research projects.

Contact person: Jenia Mukherjee