Communication, Happiness and Well-being (forthcoming) RX60015

This course aims at understanding how communication behaviors relate to constructing happiness and wellbeing. We are living in an age which is full of challenges and competitions. To the best of our capabilities, we try to meet these challenges. Effective communication (a) helps ease our access to people and develop effective interpersonal communication, (b) provides us with strategies that help us communicate our positivity and (c) gives us specific communicative tools that can enhance happiness.

The course will enable students to develop skills in communication to deal with various situations and resolve the conflicts, as well as develop of specific communication styles and games that enhance wellbeing and happiness. Communication strategies that lead to self-discovery, discovery of relationship with others, and thus lead to happiness and wellbeing will also be explored. Thus, the talks and interactions will equip students to properly understand the complex nature and behaviour of human being which are necessary to avoid possible pitfalls and lead a happy life.

Contact person: V N Giri